Discover 70.8

The Ocean at the heart of societal and environmental issues

Oceans cover 70.8% of the surface of our planet. They are vital for the social issues (food, health, energy, transport…) and environmental issues (climate, biodiversity, etc.) of the future.
Drawing on the expertise of scientists and industrialists in the maritime sector, Brest Métropole has created a new space for scientific, technical and industrial culture. As a showcase for the Campus mondial de la Mer (Global Campus of the Sea), the space illustrates the city’s maritime excellence in research, technological development and innovation in certain areas.

From Roscoff to Lorient via the city of Brest, the tip of the Brittany peninsula offers a unique multidisciplinary combination of science, technology and industrial skills and expertise. Research centres, universities, elite learning institutions, small, medium and large businesses and all stakeholders in the maritime industries have contributed to the development of its position at a national and international level. Partnerships are forged between the various bodies, across all continents.